Letters of Good Standing

Letters of Good Standing are required of ALL Greek Orthodox Christians in the Archdiocese of America when they are serving as sponsors of baptisms and weddings.

A Letter of Good Standing ensures that the sponsor is a member of a canonical Orthodox Church and that he or she is current

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in their financial committments to the Parish.

Requirements of a Letter:

1. The person asking for the Letter of Good Standing is living a life well pleasing to God and is a frequent participant in the sacraments of the Church, especially Holy Communion.

2. There are no canonical impediments to becoming a sponsor in a baptism or wedding. The following are canonical impediments:

a) being married in a non- Orthodox Ceremony or Church or a civil marriage.

b) If married, separated from your spouse

c) If civilly divorced, you do not have an ecclesiastival divorce.

3. The person asking for the Letter must be in good financial standing with the parish. Your pledge should be up to date.


When requesting Letters of Good Standing, please do so 3-4 weeeks before the ceremony.

Please include the following

a) Date of Sacrament

b) Location of Sacrament, Church Name and City/State

c) Name of Bride/ Groom (If wedding) or Name of Family (if Baptism)


The Letter will be prepared and faxed to the Church where the sacrament will be celebrated.